It's Easy To Be You


Book Description

It's Easy to be YOU - facilitates YOU to question your intent, know your mind, discover your purpose, understand your place within the universal matrix and hands you to tools to work through your obstacles. Without intent you remain compromising. Your logical, analytical mind continues to seek without purpose, shifting goals and working to build infinite relationships with everything.

Working with this book helps you envision a newer YOU such that you come into an ease of being - feel lighter, free and enabled. Although any change will only appear slowly, witnessing life without having a doubt or worry, staying in your present purposefully without seeking - is something that you can consciously create.

Chapterisation - In its design, the book follows Sacred Geometria that presents the book in a manner that pleases the conscious semantically, the subconscious mentally, and the super-conscious energetically. It is thus unique in its layout for it represents a grid that is explained in the beginning of the book.

The book in its content is divided into three segments. Each segment demonstrates the workings of different aspects of the human psyche in a manner in which the reader may be enabled to empower himself. It is goal oriented, for in its essence its only purpose is to help you unite at the very core of your existence so you may drop your limitations and merge with the one source.

A. The first segment of the book expands your kaleidoscope of consciousness, as it assists you in rewinding back to examine the characters, philosophy and stories that make up the ancient myths. Yet, only their purpose is represented for it gives credence to the reality of a progressing universe as we witness it, in our current now. It assists the reader in recognizing and validating the existence and purpose of the Universe and serves to advance his thinking to meet the shifting universal consciousness as it progressively advances towards divinity. It perpetuates the universal longing to integrate with the highest vibration. While it attempts to do that, it also establishes the intent of the following two segments both singularly and as tied in purpose together.

B. The second segment helps the reader to validate his potential to grow. It assists him in applying simple therapeutic techniques that can empower his ‘Chitta’ or body mind. The work allows him to dismiss labels and identify issues that he honors as being significant and thus sustains as his limitations. The worksheets are meant to assist the reader in bringing himself back to a state of balance in his physical body, and in a noticeable manner they also make him mentally stronger. This shift thus empowers him so he may resonate with his highest beliefs, make him feel much more energized, and plainly more progressive.

C. The third segment guides the reader to establish a contract with his creative potential so he may seek to decipher his own higher truth, which is deeper than what he may have observed and more intense than his previous treatment of it. It purports to be authoritative in helping him merge with his ‘Atmah’ or spirit. The content solicits to encourage him, in discovering a deeper understanding of the constant movement within and outside of him-self so he may go beyond the level of awareness that he is currently sensitized with. The reader may use his few minutes with just one page, letting it assist him in bringing himself back to a state of joyful abundance. Or, over a period of time he may notice that the same page that he is choosing to stay with, guides him through different trials. Either way he is able to assimilate the messages therein and resonate with their intent. Purposefully he now receives guidance to move towards his highest vibratory essence.

The only thing you may have lacked is in your understanding of where you are - with or without purpose. As you move through the three stages , Now, a new sense of purpose does not just appear - it is something you slowly enable yourself to create. You do this by bringing yourself into the understanding of moving towards building a secure sense of being.