Abhinav Bindra shares

Radhika - " The energy that propels a great Master of his skill to move forwards must reflect the prayers of all who cheered him and India. For despite his loss he continues to remain in grace, centered and thankful for where he is and grateful to all who wished him well. That is the sign of a true leader. For he inspired millions! I believe certain people are either going to walk their chosen paths and because of that feel happy and evolved! And then there are people who never will - thus will always be miserable and look to find a fault in everything.

Currently while I continue to work with different people of all ages and for varying reasons - I am guided with an undeniable force to launch approach33 and bring it from within to witness the perspective of multitudes. So they may shift towards a space where they will will begin to look for the good in everything.

Because our paths crossed significantly and meaningfully, I am inviting Abhinav's energy to synergise with Healing Energies so it may appropriately guide peace calm and a growing evolving universe - conscious of thought. For he remains a perfect example of single minded dedication to the spirit's call. While I have worked with many very successful people - there are few who resonate with an unconditional space of giving to something. Abhinav Bindra is certainly one great example "

Abhinav - " No matter what you do, where you are and how far you may be from being where you need to be - do let your heart lead and mind follow as you evolve into being truly a happy you "

Winner of the only Olympic Gold ever in sporting competition in Indian history till date. His writes here for all who wish to cover the distance that they have not yet run, for all those who wish to continue facing their trials with or without a brave heart and a firm charisma. For the only way to discover your strength is to know how weak you are. His perspective below:


"The work that I did with Radhika Kawlra Singh allowed me to focus on issues that mattered most to me. While my conscious mind is at any point aware of my issues when I looked beneath the surface there were unidentified messages that needed to be sorted out. I may have pushed them away to be of negligible importance and now as they appeared I could stare hard at them - these were potential markers to help me shift from where I had been to where I ought to be.

While it served me more to alter nuances of my technique and help me create techniques that served me well as all anchors and triggers should, I kept moving. Never waiting to surrender with Radhika there is never a never - she progressively helped me look ahead with a crazy positivity. What began to matter most was something more than London or victory - it was about defeating every cell of my being that paused, analyzed or missed a perfect shot. The synergy of intellect that can be applied to skill and then throw in some healing energy - at least while the journey lived on I was content. For with her retraining my brain appeared safe as all strategy is born across the transpersonal realm. And that is a lot of distance to cover every day each morning and every night. For to find finesse and perfection I have to admit it is a long patient hard driving ride to engage at a global competitive platform.

Because she believes the one united force is always working for you, the work with her empowers you to discover a balance no matter how you perform. She helps you understand that there is no luxury in accepting defeat - for in the first place the competition can never be with another. It is only about how you may better your last record or worsen it. Hence the battle can continue, with the Universe giving you ample opportunity to uncover lost ground. Perhaps on another platform. Thus once she guides you to accept that - in the face of disappointment you still remain centered.

You remain as much of a human as you were - if there is a shift it is always toward discovering the good in everything."


"Is about how to find a balance. For formlessness to coalesce with the form, this amalgamation is different for each individual. Approach33 is already at the 33rd frequency so it is easily able to guide any vibration to resonate with it. All it takes is intention. Like every act in the world nothing comes free of trial and testing. Approach33 is fast as it does not differentiate the observer from the observed. Thus no time is spent on discovering if it is meant to work for you or not for it does not see you an unequal. Oneness is a concept that has no definition for it rests on the principle of infinity. I encourage your movement towards a scale that only looks towards making you feel much more empowered."


"There is always a time and place to further the path that allows our strengths to find courage. I have come to believe that Hypnosis can calm me down, it can empower me and most of all I have become my own hypnotist. I have allowed my learning to such a degree that it is possible for me to become creative as I induce trance and can use it to further my connect with powerful spaces within me. I am thus more and more equipped to engage with my own technique - and then sometimes I may even alter within the safety of my mind being already at the end of having received my accomplishment.


"I could debate it yet all I see it humans getting better after they fall ill or post trauma.Everyone gets better eventually and it is not just about getting the right medicine. Personally I look to engage with my highest consciousness. On days I am in receiving - messages are loud and thoughts clear. Some days like 31july 2012 there is confusion and try as i might there is no clarity."


"While there is no therapy that is best for anyone or any issue - perfectly right or perfectly suited, there are maps that have been created over centuries and people have been tracing them to co - create their territory. I do not believe that one point of view or solution is perfectly appropriate for a particular issue as in the first place we do not have a means of really knowing what exactly the issues are as they are so deeply entrenched within the folds of our brain and cellular structures. As we dig - some that have been waiting for attention loom larger and some that have been the focus of attention, now simply in receiving attention they dissolve.

However events create circumstances and feelings are born almost every second. While we prepare to deal with issues that we believe are likely to surface we do not know how or what it is that will make us respond to tomorrow. What our reactions will be like and how we must be prepared to deal with them. Thus a strategy that in unfailing may be your option and one of them is certainly - regress to cause. I still have more to regress to, and I am sure each one of you does too. The root of all evil lies only in our past."


"Accepting is the only therapeutic tool that exists."


"Most battles are either won or lost based on how humanity sees success. For me I have only been taught by life and thus the only person who is watching me is me. The world may disappear and I would still be the same. Many a times I have wondered if I won all the accolades there are to win - would I ever go further. Then maybe I have won all the world needed from me - already. Who knows? Life is a crazy maze that never quite teaches you the right path. "


"It is so much harder to win than to lose. For now I have to spend time in empowering myself to feel at the peak - always!! The better part is that it serves other people well. They use it, may abuse it and yet it gives them something. I like the act of giving. I pray I can give in the future in whichever manner as I have done once."


"It is my strength and a growing universe within and around me. I may discover its strengths to find a perfect state of being and I may play around with it so it gets smarter than me. Shooting really can make you an inward being. And there is nothing you can do about it except accepting it."


"I have only know competition, not just when I have held my gun but just in competing with myself. Competition makes me see tomorrow. It is very progressive. "