'Radhika Kawlra Singh' was born in 'Patiala', Punjab in 1971. She attended her pre school at ‘The Piers Private School’, New Delhi. She then moved to Bhopal and attended Junior school at ‘Saint Joseph’s Convent’. She attended middle and high school - an ICSE board at the ‘Villa Theresa Convent’ Bombay. And went ahead to graduate from ‘Sophia College’ Mumbai University.

Further to that she trained in film making. Her deep commitment to integrating diversity and social responsibility is inextricably linked to her passion for life. She co-produced and co-directed 22 corporate films for top global business houses of the country in just two years and launched her own production house ‘The Film Factor’ in 1991.

Amongst others she co-produced the then biggest production on Indian Television, ‘The Bournvita Quiz’ contest which had the highest TRP ratings for the first year of weekly air time. It continues on private television as a successful show even to this date.

She worked with Repro Computers to create and produce the first Indian CD title for Apple Microsoft Computers in 1990 on the ‘Kama sutra’.

In 1995 after her marriage she moved to New Delhi. She ran a very successful Public relations firm called ‘Parichay’ with her partner 'Rina Karer' for two years. 'Parichay' served clients included watch companies like Omega, Favaluba etc. The firm provided publicity to various festivals. It also served accounts for top fashion houses in the country.

She is married to a businessman whose base is in New Delhi and they have two exquisite daughters. She has continued to work out of her healing space in Anand Niketan, New Delhi since 1998.